The model of the neighborhood spider

The name of the non-profit association “Kiezspinne FAS (Frankfurter Allee Süd) - Neighborhood Association "is the program.


Rooted in the Lichtenberg district of Frankfurter Allee Süd, the association sees its primary field of activity here with the endeavor to develop good neighbors and an atmosphere of togetherness to promote.


"Kiezspinne" - that is the ambitious goal of establishing a supporting network in the district, not only between the residents, but also with the other actors working in the neighborhood independent organizations, associations, schools, churches, municipal companies, companies, political institutions and authorities. In this network of social and societal forces, the association is more reliable Partner often coordinating. It bundles activities and promotes mutual processes Learning, cooperative partnership and civic engagement. This has been true since 2007 regular interest group "Forum Frankfurter Allee Süd" special Attention. Supported by the enthusiastic volunteer work of its members, the "Kiezspinne" to all citizens of the residential area with the offer to meet their different Contribute interests and talents and participate in further development district life, as well as the sustainable design of the living environment. All citizens and citizens are welcome to open the doors of the association, its offers of health-promoting, cultural artistic, educational, history-preserving or leisure-oriented activities, too varied Forms of self-help and help in life are open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or anchoring in the spectrum of the democratic Parties. The association turns its activities against xenophobia and extremists Violence and distances itself from any kind of project.


The main location of the offers is the attractive neighborhood house "Orangerie", which opened in autumn 2005.

It is increasingly developing through the work of the voluntary and full-time employees a sociocultural center with a high level of awareness and cross-district charisma. It breathes the spirit of openness, acceptance, diversity and tolerant interaction with one another, creative action and the joy of neighborly cohesion. There Cross-generational activities are becoming more and more important. Special support applies in this context to the migrants living here and their integration.


The responsibility of the management of the "Kiezspinne" as a not insignificant employer grows with the Number of projects and employees. In addition to the student club, the association has been carrying “Lichtpunkt” since younger

Time such important long-term projects in youth work, such as the media competence center “Die Lücke” and the “NAPF” children's and youth center. He also acts as an experienced and reliable one Partner of the job center in the concrete implementation of labor market policy support measures. The Project leaders develop imaginative programs through which on this basis Successful assistance to employees in finding their way back into society, above all into the job market. The economic field of activity has grown, personnel and Financial management are facing bigger tasks. So has the number of employees at the association elevated. Guidelines for dealing with them - as well as with the partners - are seriousness and a sense of proportion as well as reliability and transparency.


The association makes a targeted effort to attract new members and looks for ways to improve its financial base to strengthen. He strives to optimize the use of the neighborhood house and create new ones Attract sponsors. The aim remains to consolidate the association's anchoring in the district and to be open to new developments, project ideas and citizens' initiatives. A versatile public relations work effectively supports the charisma of the association.


With the totality of these objectives, the "Kiezspinne" builds its reputation as a creative center in Lichtenberg district, strengthens the local community and contributes to the cohesion of society at.