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Rusche 43

The communal meeting place in Ruschestr. 43 is one of seven such meeting places of the Lichtenberg district office. These meeting places are operated by cooperation partners of the Social Welfare Office Lichtenberg, Department of Social Services and Offers, on the basis of cooperation agreements. The Kiezspinne has been a cooperation partner for the "Rusche 43" meeting place in Alt-Lichtenberg since January 1st, 2018.


The work in the meeting place takes place on the basis of the cooperation agreement of the Kiezspinne FAS e.V. with the social welfare office Lichtenberg and the "conception for the operation of the senior meeting place" Rusche 43 "as an intercultural and cross-generational meeting point in the district Lichtenberg-Nord“.

Focus of work

Closer integration of the "Rusche 43" in the community work networks in Alt-Lichtenberg;

Use of the resulting synergies for modern senior work;

Further development of the "classic" senior meeting place using the idea of the multi-generation house and the establishment of cross-generational offers Encounter opportunities, leisure activities and social issues such as affordable housing, medical care, a welcoming culture, the urban development area Frankfurter Allee Nord and Quality of life in the neighborhood;

Our work focuses on the very old and young old (55+) residents of the neighborhood and families as well as the development of cross-generational district-related offers and social issues;

Securing the participation of very old people in the social processes and developments in the district.

The team at the meeting place looks forward to your visit. We would like to get to know your needs and wishes in order to be able to further develop our program according to the above priorities.

Our opening times







09 bis 18 Uhr

12 bis 17 Uhr

10 bis 17 Uhr

10 bis 18 Uhr

10 bis 16 Uhr

Kommunale Begegnungsstätte "Rusche 43"

Ruschestr. 43 | 10367 Berlin

Telefon: 030 5592381

You can read and download the entire program for 2 months here