Our club

About us

The Kiezspinne is a non-profit association with around 100 members - legal and natural persons - and was founded on April 22, 1993 as a neighborhood interest group in the Lichtenberg district of "Frankfurter Allee Süd". The association has an honorary board.


The name "Kiezspinne FAS" is intended to express the main concern. The association creates a network between the various initiatives, projects, sponsors, public institutions and committed neighbors in the FAS neighborhood. In addition, he maintains contacts with partners in politics, administration and business - in order to jointly make a difference for the neighborhood and improve the quality of life in the district.

Principles of our work

We are open to everyone. We encourage and promote civic engagement. All strata and groups of the population are involved in the association. We work closely with other institutions, initiatives and associations in the Kiez FAS and the adjacent areas with the aim of networking and the associated optimal use of resources. We make communication-promoting, cross-generational and integrating offers. We combine social, cultural and health-promoting activities. We provide individual help through advice, our own service offers or their mediation. Our work is supported by full-time employees and many volunteer and civic committed people.

District work

Our association has been active in the Frankfurter Allee Süd district since 1993, taking care of the concerns, concerns and problems of the people in the neighborhood and actively helping to eliminate grievances and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.


 The ORANGERIE neighborhood house has been our home since 2005. This beautiful meeting place for people with common interests, concerns or hobbies offers a variety of opportunities for information, for exchanging opinions and ideas, for participating in cultural events and, above all, for active participation through civic engagement.


We have been commissioned by the district office to take over the district coordination for Lichtenberg Nord together with the RBO - Inmitten non-profit GmbH.


The RBO - in the midst of a non-profit company, looks after the district of Fennpfuhl and the Kiezspinne Alt-Lichtenberg.

Cooperations and sponsors

We are recognized as a non-profit organization for promoting voluntary welfare and a member of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Berlin e.V., the Association for Social-Cultural Work and the Selko e.V. We work together with other organizations in many networks.


We currently receive financial support for our work from: